Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Work days...Yuck..Recalling Phoenix's first days..

I worked today, which I usually do not, but had a customer that had to get in today. She exhausts me!!! She does spenda lot of money with me but she is in a similar business that we both get 'tips' she never ever tips though!!!! How can someone complain about not getting tips and then herself does not tip?! I do not get it!!!
Phoenix was 'freddy-Froo" today. We call him that when his 'alter' personality comes tnrough- grumpiness. I think he had a tummy ache as he was spitting up a lot. I made real banana's for him with the baby food grinder with the help of a veteran- Grandma. He loved them!!! He still adores bath time, he gets so darn excited!!! I just love it!!! He got some Daddy time tonight before bedtime, which he smiled and laughed with him. I think back to when Phoenix was born. That day was so intense being induced from the proclaiming and then not dilating one bit! After 13 hours! And having hard hard labor, and ending with the doctor saying "C Section". I was so scared, I will never ever forget that. The nurse athestitst was so nice she gave me something for my nerves then I relaxed for the operation. They tie your arms down, makes one feel strange like out of control makes one more scared! Scott was there holding my hand and I could feel everything they were doing without the pain, but just all this pulling and streching, and then this cry and glerp as they suctioned his mouth and nose. Then Phoenix continued to cry and wail out. We did not know what we were having and Dr said "It's a boy!!" I cried immediately as did Scott. I cried "I knew it!!" I had to stay in recovery for an hour before holding my new son. I was so elated and Nervous too! I could not wait to nurse him. As I was being wheeled into the room, my mom, dad and Scott were there Mom was holding Phoenix saying He is hungry! He keeps sucking !!! I will never forget her standing there with him smiling seeming so elated and excited too. I just loved it all. I was so drowsy from the epideral and other meds, but could not sleep all I wanted to do was stare at Phoenix, he was so tiny and gorgeous! I couldn't wait for everyone to come and see my new son, wow MY SON, I could not believe I was a mom!!! To this dollie baby! I was so excited for people to see my new son, not many came. I think since people think you get a load of visitors that they stay away. Phoenix was jaundice and it made me so scared. I stood by the 'tanning bed light' as I called it looking over him feeling out of control and unable to help him. I cried the first night home. I wasn't sure why, just felt scared and nervous. We also had a light that he had to have for the jaundice and he had to have his little feet pricked for blood which seemed to take an eternity. Scott and I BOTH hated that. It was so scary taking Phoenix out into the world for those feet pricks. We both felt so scared and nervous yet so proud and loved and loving! Poor mom was so sick with a flu and could not come around for about 2 weeks, and she hated it. But I honestly was not over whelmed at all. I enjoyed it, the only bad night I had was the first but I believe it was from lack of sleep (due to a terrible roommate the last night I was at the hospital) Our days consisted of nursing, which caught on quick, I was determined, I would use the manual pump to get the milk moving then latch him on, worked great, then after a week I didn't need it at all. Changing DOZENS of diapers a day, bathing spinge bathes, very little awake time, of blinking and staring at me. I always took advantage of those times, staring back and smiling. I held him CONSTANTLY even when he slept, I just adored him, and of course still do. Poor guy does not get a chance to roll over since I hold him way too much! He is chan ging every second, when he does something new I am amazed, the littlest thing!!! He tried to give his daddy his pacifier last weekend, and I wanted to cry it was so cute! I moved Phoenix into his own room at 1 mo old even though I worried all the time. I finally got a used video monitor on eBay, for only $20! But that helped, I still went into the room and would actually touch his chest to make sure he was breathing OKAY. I loved his nursery that we all helped make. Scott painted it, Dad wallpaper bordered it, I decorated it. Mom got the crib. The pug were not sure what Phoenix was and when he was leaving! They loved him quickly thoughn and Mel, the youngest pug would protect Phoenix growling and snapping at the other Pug when he would get close to him., Now they try to lick is hands and feet whenever they get the chance, they would really like to lick his face but we don't allow that just yet!!! I know it is coming if it has not in those split seconds that you turn around. Well enough for now!


candice said...

Interesting story. Or is it true. Any which way it goes, this is a nice story.

Jaunae said...

oh yes, all too true!