Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day ONE of blogging

First blog, and I have been pondering on doing this for awhile. Here we go!
Phoenix had a fabulous day. He is 5 mo old, and just a doll. He loves his grammy, who helps out so much. He has such a sparkle in his eyes always. He played with Grammy for hours! He is really starting to get the hang of this playing thing. He enjoyed his cousin Ashley's exersaucer! He ate well today too! I always worry that he is not 'big' enough yet, everyone acts like, "oh, he is so little". UGGHH Just because he is not a big fat baby!? We are still nursing and doing bottle, but mainly bottle, or half bottle half nurse. He is starting to wear 6-9 mo clothes. I work two days a week and it is so hard to be away from him! Daddy did not get home till late, he had to coach his baseball game. He missed Phoenix before he went to bed. Daddy was quite sad! Yesterday Phoenix watched Daddy leaving out the door with a curious look, then when Daddy did not come back he burst into tears! He LOVES his poppa!!!

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