Thursday, April 20, 2006

amazes me..

It amazes me how much Phoenix learns each day. He figured out the jumping and hopping routine in the exersaucer. He was so excited about it!!! However after about 15 min of it, he had an explosive bowel movement that headed up and out of the diaper to his neck!!! YES we headed for bath time after that!!! I worked a couple hours today, but it has been too much work this week, very hard to run home and back to work all day long between appointments etc.. I need to keep to two days a week. I am adding pics from when Phoenix was born on up to present. He is working on sitting up by himself. He topples over eventually but is getting better! Daddy had a baseball game today to coach, but got home just in time to say Goodnight. Overall we had a good day, very productive as mommy finally got some work done in the house. Ahhh yes what an interesting life we led! I cannot explain how much though my life has gotten so incredible because of Lil Phoenix man. I am now a true mom. I complain about bad drivers, mainly teens and college kids, they drive me crazy. I drive super slow always thinking i want to make it out alive for Phoenix and not be in a wreck. I call home multi times from work to see how he is doing, or what he is doing. I stare at him even after he falls asleep because he amazes me, he holds so much power over me, WOW..when he figures that one out I am in BIG trouble if not already! He is a grat baby, goes to bed at 7pm every night!!! Eats like a trooper with his spoon and sits well in the high chair! I remember when movies, music and myself was all I cared about. I had no clue to whatI was missing in life. Scott really bonded to Phoenix over his Spring Break when he finally was able to have some quality time with him. The more time we spend with Phoenix the more you cannot be away from him! I just could never ever imagine myself without him. I am so in love with him!

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