Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Phoenix goes to work with momma

Today was rainy and COLD!!!! What ever happened to that gorgeous spring weather we had! Mom and Dad were getting back from the Lake but I had to go into work earlier so I took Phoenix with me until they arrived back home. He did pretty well, except for that I did not know I had a mans' haircut before the appt. I thought I was starting the day with and Phoenix fussed here and there for his paci and I ended up with hair on Phoenix while trying to do that cut! Needless to say that time I did not get a tip...oopps well sh*t happens! BUT then I had time to give him a bottle and my next appt. he palyed wiht his froggie with I applied color and feel asleep sucking his beloved thumbie! He was a dollie! Then Grandma came and picked him up he then went to the doctor with her and Grandpa. Everyone in the waiting room adored Phoenix and thought grandma was MOMMA! Phoenix has a gorgeous grammie that is all there is to it. We are hoping for a sunny day tomorrow as momma is off work and wants to take Phoenix for a stroll!

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