Monday, April 24, 2006

My Best Friend

For those who do not know, my best friend is Mel Belle, my youngest Pug. She was our first pug who will be three in October. I call her Mel My Belle, or Melly Belly....She follows me everywhere always has since day one! SHe just has always preferred me, as Moe prefers Scott. Here she is striking a pose, all natural profile. Then sleeping next to me while I am on the computer. She wanted on my lap but she is a bit heavy after awhile to type and hold onto. She has accepted Phoenix though as Numero uno, I am so proud of her! She is snoring like a typical pug right now, that rythmic loud snore. I think it is cute! Of course my mom hates it, she says, "Why does she do that all the time!" Sometimes I catch her telling her to shut up, ha! Poor dog cannot control the snort aned snore!!!
Scott and I have this joke about the dogs...Once he asked me why I spend so much of my time with the dog (BM-Before Moe) I said honestly"SHe does not judge me, she loves me no matter how I look, smell or act." So now whenever we are complained about either of the dogs it's"He or she doesan't judge you!"

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