Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lovin the pod!

ahhhh today was nice again! Hooray! Mom, myself and Phoenix all went shopping. We hit: Kmart, Penney's, Goody's, Pet Connection, Pumo Insurance, and Niemans! All through it Phoenix was a trooper. He is such a sweet baby pie! He is doing so well with 2nd foods. On the way home form the grocery store mom sat in back with Phoenix playing with her. He was being so lovey!!! He thinks Grandma is mommy number 2.
We bought Miss Mel a new toy! Called a loofah doggie, she loved it! Now maybe it will detour her from Phoenix's toys for awhile! Mommy has a long work day again tomorrow, Phoenix will be with Grammie all day. The next best thing he says! {Posted are pics from this morning, prior to the shopping departure!

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