Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I watched Walk the Line last night. I think Joaquin Phoenix is my favorite actor. Every movie he has done has been different characters. Don't you ever notice most actors or actress play the same typeof character over and over. Like Drew Barrymore, always the sickly sweet girl. He is fabulous. I wonder if we are related, his features resemble Roman a lot, I think.
I am loving every moment of Phoenix, have I said that???? I never expected momhood to be this fabulous. He makes me want ten!!! Or more!!! I won't ever forget those first few weeks especially. Watching that tiny little baby sleep in the pack and play next to our bed. Waking every hour or two to nurse. I really looked forward to it. I wanted to hold him all the time, still do. He is what mom calls a squishy baby. One that wraps himself all around you when you cradle him. It doesn't matter if he is asleep or awake, he wants to cuddle.

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