Thursday, January 31, 2008


Phoenix and i were running misc. errands in town, which is 25 min. basically away. After all the errand running we were past dinner time and we needed to get a quick fix dinner...Mcdees of course. I got a sweet tea. I took a sip and had this flash back to childhood drinking my Grandma's constant supply of sweet tea. I completely could see the permantly tea stained pitcher in the yellow fridge. I could see the entire kitchen the way it was, the phone area by the entrance, the notepads/big can pen holder, drawer for phone book, the big room door sized pantry, empty area for trash can, microwave, bird cage, the round kitchen table, the picture window the plants in the window, the morning sunlight streaming in. Both of grandparents sitting at theat table drinking coffee. Morning was the most quiet time in that house. Wow did memprys instant within seconds fire through my brain and I was completely tranced into that moment within seconds...amazing...

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