Thursday, January 31, 2008

theory on age

I have this theory that you begin as a baby, which babies are amazing little creatures, the only way to start out as a human so your adored etc.. then toddler, the trouble starts oozing in, meaning the tantrums the little personality begans to grow into a bursting out sensation, then a child, tantrums subside, personlty relaxes and has glorious unresponsible fun, then your a kid until the age of 21 and use every excuse for your behavior in you life known to man, and then your an adult wanna be, struggling to hang on to the beauty of youth yet be responsible, until the age of 35 (not real sure on that one yet, educated guess though...) Then you are an adult sure of what you want/like/dislike etc.. and your on to being anb adult until 70, at 70 your an elder, older, and wiser. Your sick of everyone's shit, but yet enjoy watching others funble through the previous steps. and Scott thinks 'old' people steal....which really is a joke from the show Seinfeld, so no offense to that please. Anyways there is my theory on age for now.

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