Saturday, October 28, 2006


We are busily preparing for Phoenix's first b day. It is interesting how some people think a first b day is special and how some don't since the child isn't really into it like the ones that follow, but I know it is special to us, and we are so happy to have him. It reminds us again, one year later of our special gift of HIM! I am mentally preparing for it, it is so hard! We found some fun 1st bday decor, I think Phoenix will have fun trying to get at the decor! My baby boy is becoming a toddler, not an infant! Oh my! I love these stages and miss the baby too, it is tough.
We were able to visit the new addition to the Phoenix family- that is Roman and Anne's new guy. Ashley is great with him, she is such a little lady. I will most those pics later as I am at the Lake getting some much needed R and R.
Timing is a flying isn't it! Christmas will be here in an instant! WOW
Love and Kisses from the Bacon's More soon!

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