Monday, May 01, 2006


Check out those amazing long lashes ladies!!! You can even see them this far away picture shot!
As of next week, I will not be working at Suite 202. I am sad because most clients of mine are
even friends too. I have done hair, skin and nails here in Macomb for the past four years. There is a new owner at work and the rent is too steep for a part time person like me, and with gas to get there from an hour away and a sitter for Phoenix, (which I was so paranoid about as I trust no one to watch him but my mom!) my mom is also going to have surgery on her hand and cannot watch him after that, so I just needed to end it now. It has been hard to stay away as I really do love my job! I went back to work after three weeks of having Phoenix. Partial because I missed it, also you cannot be gone long in a commission client based business as you lose your clients!, and money for the family. I felt so terrible though leaving Phoenix at that time. Nothing anyone or myself could think or say could change it. I feel this attachment and bond that I hate being away from him. I am relieved things panned out to be this way with work, then I can really enjoy my little boy. I am really having fun with him at this age, he is always doing something new. He really loves it when I hold him and dance, he kicks his feet way out back and forth, hilarious! Mom and I laughed and laughed at him! He then would smile and laugh bigger and kick his feeties even harder! Oh, I never knew what life was before Phoenix. I have never ever been so happy! So freaking happy!!! I feel such mixed emotions over leaving the salon. I had said I would only do 2-3 days after having Phoenix, but I would get so booked that I kept squeezing more and more in until I was there up to 4-5 days. It was way too much for me. I would run home to feed him between clients. I want that time with him too, and my days were not 9-5, but until late at night after he would be asleep. I am going to have a salon in my home, and work when Scott is home, afternoon eve, sat. It will be do-able. Getting ready to make the big move is nerve racking, my parents moving too, which I am having a terrible time with. I have a feeling Phoenix and I will be I the Ozarks a LOT. My parents are my best friends. I will hate being away from them again. I have lived away, Galesburg, Springfield and Chicago. Now that I am older and know what is TRULY important am really having to tear myself away to move. They are the only people I have always been able to depend on 110% no matter what, they have never let me down. I am so happy that Phoenix has had this time with them and t they have had it as well. He is such a sweetheart, he loves is grammie so much. He really loves Daddy too, he gets so excited over daddy! He always has a smile for him, but I guess he always is smiling!!! I am trying to pout him in his pack and play, sinc ehe never has been in it besides sleeping in it when we travel. I am hoping it will help him roll over etc.. He is sitting up on his own well, we ut hi in the position and he stays at it for quite sometime. Sicne momma has held him so much I need to give im some space to discover things. He seems to enjoy it!

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