Friday, April 21, 2006

What a nice boy!

Today Phoenix and I both, tooka very long nap. We both needed it! We then headed to WalMart and got caught up on all his needs-food, diapers, bibs, etc.. summer shorts! We then met Daddy for dinner at Pizza Hut. My glass was getting low and I moved it toward where Phoenix was in the highchair in his car seat. I noticed he was about to drop his toy and I went to grab it and knocked over my remaining soda and ice into his lap!!! He did not even flinch! He just kept smiling at us both, of course I quickly grabbed him up and daddy cleaned up the carseat while I changed his outfit! I then realized, what a nice boy! He did not fret a bit over it. I need to take some pointers from him! I fret way too much over everything! I could not keep count of the people that grabbed his hands and even kissed his hands in WalMart! All I could think is...germs..he may get sick...what if he gets the awful diarreha going around or a cold....what should I do..I should not have taken him out.. blah blah... on my mind went! I know that he so enjoys his outtings and seeing places and peole and he does need to get germs to build up immunity, but I just want to shield that little boy of mine from everything. I have a major problem with worrying about things before they ever will happen with him. He is my savings grace, he can smile at me and nothing else matters period. It was a beautiful day ehre, and very warm, I did not ut a hat on him, and noticed al the ohter babies out had hats on, I felt guilty!!! again!!! Tomorrow I have a long work day, but I am cutting back to my 2 days as doing everyday has been way over board!!!! I cannot stand being away from Phoenix those days. Well Scott and I are going to finally do something together, watch a movie, we have not done that in weeks! Since Scott is coaching baseball he is getting home late again and since I work Sat. we only really see one another on Sundays. I will be so relieved when we move so we can be on a normal schedule!

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