Saturday, April 22, 2006

LONG saturday work day

For those of you out there that have jobs that do not require weekend work days, good for you!!! I just had to pick a job that requires Saturday work days. It was a long day booked back to back with MORE wanting in! I missed my lil baby boy today. He had a fun day with Daddy when I came home Scott was saying hip hip hooray very loud and Phoenix was just laughing out loud! His laugh makes my heart skip beats! Never knew I would fall in love with a short, pudgy and bald man!!!! Oh, a friend of mine came in to get all of her hair cut off because she had a terrible accident and cut her fingers off on her left hand! However they were reattached and it seems to be going well. She needs her hair short to take care of it easier through this recovery. Iwas in shock, I had no idea this had happened, one would think being a hairstylist I would hear all the info. not always! Scott and I are going to look for morel mushrooms. YUM! Hopefully we will find at least a few for us. I heard there was a lot out there, but who knows, I knwn there is a lot of ticks out there!~~~ HATE those nasty things! I read that tabasco sauce is best for getting them to unattach themselves and get rid of them. New pics posting tomorrow, too lazy to do it now! Baby drool and coos!!!

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