Monday, June 02, 2008

Here comes the potty!

The pictures below of Phoenix with the doll, is his baby brother as we call it. We are doing a new-ish method of potty training that has one using a doll that wets. The child teaches the doll to potty training turn training themselves. There of course, is much more to it than that, but I introduced him to the doll two days ago and he just LOVES trying to take care of the dolly. His doll baby must nap and sleep with him and once a day watches TV with him too. Now tomorrow we are implementing the Potty training. It is suppose to work in one day, at least the child gets the concept understanding of it all. He already watched his baby pee pee in it's potty and ran to his and pulled down his pants and sat on his potty! I think it will go well tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

that's great Jaunae -good luck!
-Roman, Anne & kids