Monday, January 28, 2008

I love this toddler

I love it when he looks at me like I am a million zillion bucks and says with an endless smile..."Momma!" and just keeps smiling,a s if to say, I love you, and I know I am two year old walking tantrum, but I know you love me and I love you. It gets me through. I love how he explores everything, I mean everything! Everything is something to him, and he investigates it all. It is so funny how my hair creme bottle is so neat to him, and he carries it around proudly. I love how he relizes now when he has been naughty and says slowly "saw-zee" for sorry. I love how he slaps his chest when he yells "GO!" to cars/trains/jumping etc... I love it when he grabs my hand an dholds it tightly to walk me into the room he wants to be. I love it when we enter a building that is unfamilir to him and he lays his head on my shoulder and grins and hugs me. I love it when we go over train tracks he says: GEE GEE TRAK! I love it when he hears a train go by and huffs with this awed look, big eyes of wonder and whispers..."gee gee!" I love it he repeats every word we ask him to say now. I love it when he hugs our legs when we are prepping lunch or dinner. I love that he now says "EAT" when he is hungry. I love it that he understand and enjoys bedtime. I love that he has two stuffed animals that he loves to carry with him, named PIGGY and PUPPY. I love how he says "Mosey" so sweetly. I love how when I ask him to eat blueberries like his cousins Ashley and Ryan, he gets excited and says ASHLEY and eats the blueberries. I love it when he comes into my bedroom on Sunday mornings after daddy has gotten him up for the days and touches my face and says MOMMA! He really does make me feel like a million zillion bucks.

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