Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ahhhh, Halloween

I am still in shock that I have completed the EMT ourse, clinicals and state test. I am so stinking proud of it! NOT only getting all done/time/effort/heartache/tears/late nights etc.. but I really thought it was a job I couldm never do, one that I could never ever handle, and here I am doing it. I actually did CPR on a cardiac arrest, I really can do it. I am amzed with myself right now and so darn proud! I am happy that if anyone: stranger, friend, relative etc.. has a situation that I can at least help sustain life until further help at a hospitol can come, I am happy. I ahve some of my gear and getting the rest of it this weekend. I have to get some 'work' boots, since we do a lot of outside work etc.. military boots really. I jsut keep looking at my state certification and smiling. I am glad I did it, and glad I am enjoying it even at the tough times I have already had with it.
Phoenix loved trick or treating. He caught on really quick to this knock, get candy stuff! He was in the Halloween parade which was led by a sren police car and he LOVED the siren! He would point and say "ew ew ew!!!!" We walked with some other friends in the parade, it was well enjoyed! We then trick or treated with some friends and waited for Daddy to get done with practice and then went to more homes. Then Scott and I staked outside for our house to ambushed by TP-ers. He super soaked a lot of them! They finally got us at 4am after Scott just could not stay up any longer. Some came back tonight!!
Scott's football team is in round 2 of play offs thsi Sat. Should be exciting! But We are rady for our beloved basketball season too.
On another note, so excited for lil Phoenix's BIG 2 Birthday! Life is so much MORE with him! I am so excited for holidays and events to see him excited and enjoy it all!

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