Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My baby

I was so happy to rock Phoenix again in his rocker. I cradled him close and lightly traced his facial features and he has this light smile as he loves it, then he holds his hands up high with his fingers spread out to indicate that he wants be to trace his hand and tickle it lightly. He lifts one up and then the other back n forth. He starts getting really sleepy at that point and sucks his thumb and nestles his head down. I enjoy hugging and cradling him near; I can tell the gentle rocking motion soothes him, especially while he has this cold. I cannot put the lil guy down! I think I will rock him when he is junior high! He was so funny today, he really was loving Mellie one of our pug dogs, just kept hugging her and kissing her! He then laid on the couch next to her and laid his head on her back and watched his program Wonder Pets. I took the pics…see…. He also discovered on of the doors to my dishes actually opens well even with the safety latch, so he brought items out of it one by one and set them on the end table by our couch. He looked so proud I could not scold him. He was ever so careful! After awhile Daddy asked him to put the items back into the cabinet and he did! One by one…Just since yesterday he is saying, grapes, apple, elmo, then last week, up and house. I love that little baby boy so much~!

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