Sunday, April 22, 2007

wild horses could not drag me away...

Last Thursday Phoenix awoke in well, vomit and a lot of it and more coming on by the minute! By late morning Fri. vomit had ceased but turned into diarrhea. That continued into Sunday and that is when he was really slowing down. He wanted to sleep non-stop not eat, and started slowing down his fluids too. He couldn’t really stand up well either. Monday I took him to his Doctor. Which right as we were leaving diarrhea wet up and out that diaper like a rolling tide! I had to bathe him it was so bad! We got to Dr. and He ate some snacks in the waiting room and perked up and acted normal in the exam room…of course…so I decided and the doctor too that he must be getting better. But she had us leave a stool sample anyways and do the BRAT diet thing, hydrate etc. 10 min. down the road, he vomits! All over the car, self etc… I run into store and get a new outfit and wondering what!!! He stopped puking on Fri. morning and it is Monday! I go home figuring maybe he just was not ready for the crackers-goldfish I gave him yet. We get home and he does drink well, but no eating. The next day he was only awake 2 hours and had 2 very tiny teeny wet diapers I call Doc. Again, she directs us to ER. Which he had blood taken an IV inserted, which a nurse pulled out, and I am sure was awful pain for my baby boy and myself. Tests showed he needed fluids and was dehydrated. He did not want momma or dada to leave his side; he stayed up against us, until we got to the Peds floor, wince he was admitted to hospital. He was there a couple days, really more like one. He got a lot of fluids through the IV, I was so scared he would pull it out on accident or messing with it, but he was really good with it. But I NEVER slept worried to death that he would snag it or something. He did not. He left the hand totally alone and did not use it, but of course I panicked about it until it was out the next day late evening. He would wake here and there and needed to be held. He really wanted me to hold him non-stop. Then at 4 am he decided he was really hungry and ate a bunch of cheerios and graham crackers, I thought I would cry I was so excited to see him eat again! This is a babe that loves to eat too at that! But this illness took that away. SO to see him getting to eat again, I was so happy, genuine happy like winning a prize or something! He also drank too! He sat on my lap leaning on me eating those cheerios up. Then mid morning he was flirting with nurses! Watching TV…eating more. Drinking more and having lots of wet diapees, I was so happy! They decided to release him since he was hydrated and responding well. He came home then Late Wed. and now is doing so much better! All I know is from Thurs, until Thurs. wild horses could not drag me away from that sick lil guy. I just wanted to make the sick stop! Thank goodness, thank the Lord it did.
As you see pics below, we all had a great day at the park, a nice stroller ride up to the park too! The pugs even did well! Well, Moe needed a little ride. We went by the grocery store where the owner opened a nice bag of cookies for him and he dined on those! He likes to imitate the way cookie monster eats cookies on Sesame Street, pretty cute an funny, he even says “ ahhh Yummammmm…” like Cookie does. He has a shopping cart that he chases daddy with around the house. Giggling all the way!

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