Sunday, April 01, 2007

100 things About the momma

I saw this on pottymommas blog, had to copy it, loved it...similar thoughts too...So here are my 100 things about me:
1. I was born and raised in Illinois.
2. I have lived in six different cities in Illinois
3. I will be 30 in the fall...turdy thirty!!!! what!!! is it possible!??
4. I love getting fresh veggies anf fruit in the summer from Farmers markets
5. We will be having more kids...soon
6. Until my first child was born, I don't think I really knew who I was.
7. Looking back I realize that I was seriously immature!!! not anymore...
8. I have big ideas sometimes and don't always follow through with them.
9. No matter where I live, I love where I live but always think about moving on.
10. I am obsessed with having CERTAIN things in the house spotless, certain, good thing Scott is the same about CERTAIN other things!
11. Now, I don't know why, I don't like to. I am happy about this. I finally feel normal.
12. My favorite thing to see Phoenix discover something new that he loves!.
13. I adore spring, I adore summer..I love taking a shower with the bathroom window wide open with sunlight streaming in with a gentle like on a beach!
4. I LOVE to travel. Love Mexico...bahamas...
15. I had an eating disorder in high school and mid high school and never really knew it until years later it occured to me.
16. The best advice always comes from my mom.
17. It is hard for me to sometime not take that advice when it does not 'fit' into my life.
18. I believe in God, but qeustion him too much, but I always do.
19. At least once a day I fall in love with my baby boy and husband all over again.
20. Sometimes I am shocked Phoenix is really mine!
21. Even though I wanted to get married soon, I knew Scott was perfect for me outside of that need to get married.
22. Scott follows through, and I appreciate that the most about him.
23. I never knew how great of a husband and father that he would be.
24. It was hard to trust Phoenix with Scott alone, but I am glad i do now.
25.I think SOME things are mean't to be.
26. Having a miscarriage was one of the worst things for me emtinally to deal with, I felt EVERY emotion out there.
27. Iwish I would have taken pictures of nursing Phoenix and not been so ashamed of it, I miss it, I did it for 6 monthes.
28. I love the movie walk the line, not because of the Johnny Cash story, but Joaquin Phoenix was so great in it, amazing.
29. I multi task TOO much.
30. I worry about Phoenix all the time...Is he happy...Why fdoes he have tantrums..does he eat too much? Does he get enough milk?? Does he need vitamens???...yes it is time for a well visit!!
31. I think that people know what I am saying or meaning when I talk too much, then I am mad if they do not, which is dumb of me.
32. I get lonely.
33. I adore scrapbooking...and the gorgeous albums that will be left behind for generations thrills me.
34. I never thought I could live on such a small income and yet be happy with it!
35. I have anxeity, a lot of it but the older I get the easier it is to handle.
36. I am a complete differnt person now than I was at 21 or younger, complete different.
37. I wish I finished college, only one year left for a degree.
38. My fave car was a cherokee jeep. But I could not afford it, so it had to go...dumb mistake!
39. We really need a new car, we have total junkers.
40. I am craving a trip to a beach so badly...and I hate knowing it is years away.
41. I must have alone time once a week at least.
42. I love to stay up late and then sleep in.
44. I think my best feature is my eyes and hair.
45. As long as I have on a bra, my boobs are nice too, potty momma said this one, yeah me too!
46. I have lost 17 pounds since end of January.
47. I wonder about what really happens when we die, and if I really ever want to know,,,scares me!
48. I despise smokers...sorry I do, I hate it, hate it...and it is awful smokers subject the rest of us to it.
49. I do not mind Phoenix's poopy diapers, just because they are his! I don't mind anything that comes form him.
50. My pug, mel is one of my best friends, yup that is right a dog.
51. I only like snow in the month of Decmeber period....
52. I do want to live in a warmer climate.
53. Sometimes it is really hard for me hide my emotions when necessary.
54. I love capri pants and sandals.
55. I love Yoga mom wishes I would move on from those I think!
56. I wish i could draw like my brother, actually I wish i could do as lot of things that he does, but I never would want his temper.
57. I hate thong underwear, how can anyone like them!
58. I wish I could do everything possible for Phoenix, even the impossible..
59. I need to keep in contact with friends better.
60. One of our dog's wears a diaper, my husband is so ashamed of it, he rushes to take it off anytime anyone comes over, really I think it is so funny, why be ashamed of your DOG!?
61. I sleep on the floor in Phoenix's room if he is sick or I am just worried he is sick.
62. I have a hard time going to bed, so much to do!
63. I love taking the train to Chicago.
64. I hate the process of getting on a plane to fly, it sucks!
65. I love CSI shows.
67. I had a assistant principal when i was in high school hit on me..wierdo...
68. My first boyfriend's name was Johnny Knight
69. I cannot believe how short life really is!
70. I was devestated when My grandma died and when my grandpa died, devesatated.
71. I had a crazy pregnancy, Surgery at 7 mo prego, preclampsia, then a c section.
72. Scott will never know how much i love him or how much I think about him all day long.
73. I wish I was better at standing up for myself.
74. I really skip shaving a lot in the winter.
75. I miss managing a hair salon. I was dman good at it.
76. I am taking EMT classes in a couple weeks.
77. I am excited about it! Nervous too.
78. My dad is so cool, just so cool, good looking, funny, and honest, and he knows when to tell you something you really need to hear.
79. My mom is so giving and loving, it amazes me everyday.
80. I don't talk to many of my family, it amkes me sad.
81. I wish i was closer to my sister in law.
82. I love to eat lunch out, too bad I cannot afford it!
83. I am convinced Victoria Secret is the only maker that knows how to truly make a good bra.
84. I love to shop at Old Navy and Target.
85. I cannot stanf Tom Cruise, whatta dorko.
86. The last statement was a HUGE understatement.
87. I love baby onesies with cute quotes.
88. I get road rage!
89. I love cosmos, any martini really...coconut rum..
90. I love that we have more friends than ever since we have lived here.
91. We have a lovely view of a cemetary.
92. I really believe Phoenix is one of the most beautiful babies around.
93. I am the eyebrow GURU.
94. I like to play bingo and my mom won big money the ONE time we went!
95. I loved being a cheerleader and miss it.
96. I hate greedy people.
97. I hope my computer lasts I think it is one of the oldest still working, thanks to my brother!
98. If we were not poor we would not appreciate the good things we have.
99. I sometimes wish I became a cop.
100. I am always happier than I look.

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