Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mellie Pug, she is IN CHARGE!

Yes, I too, cannot believe I am posting this pic, but look what this dog of mine does to me when my sweet husband lets me sleep in, she sits on me! RIGHT ON TOP! AND DON'T TRY TO MOVE HER EITHER!

AND mom, if you say, "You know what the dog whisperer would tell you..." I will go nutty, just nutty!

I am getting my scrapbook pics organized within the albums so each album is actually a topic and not random. Kinda hard! I need more albums! I have so much fun doing it. Fun hobby scrapbooking! Phoenix is the hilite of the pages too! I am starting to do my mom and dad's old pics, from thier childhood etc.. They look great! I just need to get some dates on the pages to know when they were taken etc..

Well, I have lost 13 pounds, I am weighing in tomorrow and see how much more, not sure yet! I am enjoying the gym too, getting some excerise and Phoenix has a play arear it works out well. We met some great friends there too! One of the girls that does the sitting for the kids has a son, named Jack. Jack is four days older than Phoenix! Jack is so cute and sweet just like Phoenix! They have so much fun following one another and watching one another's moves! Also they both always MUST share any food the other has, must be a mix of both's meals! We all wnet to lunch and shopping for Stride Rite shoes last week. They both fell fast asleep ont he way home. As Brittny (Jack's mom) and I were in a store, I turned around to see a cute lacey pair of panties hanging on Jack's foot as he was sitting innocently in his stroller! Somehow the toe of his shoe caught a pair of panties on display. Pretty funny!

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