Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lullaby Concert at Decatur Librabry by Milikin's String Section

We attended a Lullaby Concert this evening by Milikin's String Section, and it was great! We may even as a family, be in the paper tomorrow, they interviewed us and took several pics of us! All were to wear Pajamas and most parents did not, but some did. I wore Paw print PJ's and Scott wore his banana PJ's, Phoenix wore his teddy bear sleeper, it has a bear on the butt! Phoenix really enjoyed walking around with the maybe up too 75 other babies and toddlers, then very nicely sat in our lap the whole time during the concert! Panera Bread then gave out free cookies! Phoenix dined on his on the way home, he LOVES cookies! During the concert he drank milk from his sippie cup, clapped and gave us many many kisses! They also read a story and we sang songs too, our play group teacher was leading the songs, Phoenix gave her smiles! Phoenix was really amazed at the Giant Bass player!

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