Monday, November 27, 2006

Well, wow...I was on the website which is soooo fabulous if your are prego or have children. At the top of the page is a timeline for how old your child is and the past to future etc... I cannot believe I was just loking at that at four mo pregnant and six mo. and so on...waiting eagerly wondering who was in my tummy! I could not imagine a better baby ever. I am sure we all feel that way, I hope at least. He is so sweet. Such a loving baby. He is getting more and more interested in the doggies! He pats them sometimes a little too fast and hard. He inspects thier toe nails, each one to be exact! He touches thier ears. He bows his head to give them kisses. Moe runs, Mel licks!
Speaking of Mel, it was so hilarious this morning I was giving Phoenix his morning bottle, (yes he is still getting bottles here and there too...I hate the idea of not cradling him with a bottle!) I still had on my socks from last night, which had a piece of red shiny ribbon stuck on one sock by a gold foil sticker. That was from the three hours of wrapping christmas gifts! Now Mel always hops onto the ottmon and keeps my feet warm while I give Phoenix his bottle and rock him. She jumps onto her perch as usual and takes one look at that ribbona nd sticker on my sock and bites it right off and eats it, just like that! One bite one quick swallow! Like Scott tells me...a LOT..."That dog is nuts!"
Grandpa Bacon is visiting us. Phoenix laughs at him a lot, he loves his silliness! Pics to post tomorrow...

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