Thursday, October 05, 2006

what a difference a month makes!

WOW, A MONTH TO THE DAY SINCE i HAVE BEEN ON THE BLOG! It is the move, the latest one anyways. I can blame these moves over and over. I blamed pregnancy on my mind flakes, then surgerys, then new momma, then moves etc.. blah blah blah. Yeah Jaunae will deal with life one day, but really 3 big moves in one year, just sucks the living soul right outta ya!
But Phoenix puts it right back in, I swear on everything that exists, he has got me, US through this. that happy smiling cooing babbling guy. God sent me exactly what I needed. A wonderful baby! We have so much fun with him and now that we all are in the same town it is fabulous to see him get excited over momma and daddy! We like Cerro Gordo besides the fact everyone drives too fastfor my taste down country roads, just not worth it in my book. We are enjoying the leaves chagning and slowly getting our house to what we like etc.. Getting rid of clutter again etc.. Phoenix always adapts well. He loves being ...ANYWHERE!
We went to visit Roman, Anne, Ashley, (Anne, momma to be!) We saw Cousins Chad, Judy, Lily and brand new Maddy! WOW is she a doll baby in person! Just a bundle of girlie baby! Sweet as can be. AND Lily always wows me! Such a beauty with brains! Much like her cousin Ashley, my lovely niece who was an awesome cosuin to Phoenix. She would let me know whenever he was getting into 'trouble'. She climbed into the crib with him and entertained him. He loved giving her kisses and hugs. Ash wants as baby brother but she does not know what the baby is, as no one does, so excitied, who in the heck would want to know! SO FUN till Birthday!
Phoenix had his Halloween pics taken, attached are a few here. Cousin Ash is also a lion this year! I will be posting more pics soon.
Scott is working hard with teaching high school and getting them on fitness programs-individual based. Of course they all love it! NOT! He is also coaching Football, but also coaching basketball and already started in the 5 am morning! practice! YUK I say! He has big plans for B Ball. the football team is doing incredible! JV is undeafeted! Varsity only lost 1 game. He really likes Cerro Gordo and we hope to stay for a long while!
the Pugs love it too. Miss Mel Belle sits in the front window barking at the tractors and farm machginery as it plows out the corn. One day she ran into the corn field and came back a big muddy mess. Moe would rather sit and watch.

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