Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I don't know if it is just me, but it feels as if Fall has crept in this past week. Just creeping in. I love Fall but the impending doom of winter lies behind it, YUK! Phoenix and I wnet with Grammie to the ozarks and got some of the last summer sun in. He really loved going more than ever! It was so neat! He loved the bird, parrot, named Tango, he is a sun conure parrot. Tango did not like Phoenix at all at first but warmed up to him, at least he got use to Phoenix yelling his excited :"AWEEE! AWEE!" at him.
Little shih tzu Gizzy is getting very fraile but still trying to be her puppy self. We are concerned for her, she is 14 years old now. She was the hi lite of our Wedding. She was the ring bearer that wore a cute lil wedding dress and white bows in her hair.
Mojo the 150 pd LARGE dog decided to climb into bed with me the other night after a round of fireworks went off at 1 am. I decided not to try to move a large scared dog and let him cuddle up For some reason the Missouri natives are obsessed with fireworks, or maybe it is the drunk tourists???? not real sure.
I have been thinking for a long time about two things that I have always wanted to do. One is the ability to work on cars, i mean real knowledge and ability oh- and building homes. Why i am waiting this long to get my dad to teach me some things, not sure, but it fasinates me.
Now I want to announce this in public, I am going to change my habits and eat properly, no not a diet, but a preoper portion eating habit. Also getting a lot of exercise in. I am now done with my 'fat time' in life and want to move on, not as skinny, I hate skinny, but normal sized, whatever that is, like a size 9. Not talking Nicole Richey nasty bones and looks like an old hag.
ahhhh have I ever mentioned that I hate moving??? Did I mention we are moving again after 3 mo.??? Anyone that wants to volunteer a truck and some moving abled bodies step up please!
Phoenix really loved boating, he gets very relaxed and his eyes soften up and he just stares out at the lake and does not move. We went to the Clown The Topsider The Poop Deck at the Lake Of The Ozarks. Loved it. Phoenix and I had the pool to ourselves there. See pics!
Phoenix is finally starting to crawl a normal crawl! So cute!

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