Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Smoking Kills
Every year, more then 400,000 American deaths are attributed to smoking. It’s banned in restaurants, workplaces and other public areas. It’s illegal for cigarettes to be sold to anyone under 18. Yet even with all the loss of customers by death, tobacco companies still manage to make a profit.
How do they do it? There are numerous laws against smoking. In 1998, a law passed that made it illegal to smoke in bars. An internal Philip Morris document states, "[The] financial impact of smoking bans will be tremendous - three to five fewer cigarettes per day per smoker will reduce annual manufacturer profits a billion dollars plus per year." In an effort to keep their customers smoking, the companies trick the public with lies and loopholes. Their goal is to slow the antismoking movement and keep people smoking—to get more profits.
What about the health of non-smokers? Reports from 1993 state second-hand smoke causes lung cancer and respiratory diseases. The same findings have been concluded by a hundred other major studies, and still the tobacco industry says the results are flawed.
A Philip Morris inside report from 1987 discussed how anti-smoking movements and price increases prevented 600,000 teens from taking up smoking. In 1979, a memo noted that “Marlboro dominates in the 17 and younger age category…” and in ’78 “…the base of our business is the high school student…”. Even with these companies’ lies and tricks to get around antismoking laws, they still try to sell their products to children. Who could blame them, considering their product kills more than 2,000 of their American customers a day? They need to replace these consumers quickly, and what easier way to do so than convince impressionable teens that smoking is the ‘cool’ thing to do? Hey, it keeps the profits coming!
Antismoking movements are just beginning to be heard. With a product that kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, illegal drugs, and fires combined, no law can be too strict. So, when you see a tobacco ad, are offered a cigarette, or have the choice whether or not to smoke, remember that tobacco companies are greedy money-grubbers. No matter who you are, you’re just another dollar sign in the eyes of Philip Morris.
Smoking Kills is for the nonsmokers of the internet. We know the effects of smoking, and we're smart enough to stay away. Are you one of us?

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