Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Calling all smokers.....STOP! LET US BREATHE!

I cannot, I mean cannot stand or tolerate smokers in anyway. I have no respect for someone that wants to suck their life away on those nasty things that yellow your teeth and everything the smoke that comes from them touches, kills your lungs, makes most talk like an old worn down person, hands are even yellow! LUNG CANCER---HELLO! As if that is not enough! But the worst is how smokers insist on invading the air we breathe! My baby is stuck with it and we cannot get away from it! Non smoking sections are a joke! The only real way to get away from it is to ban it. It is on the air! It climbs it's way everywhere! Smokers say it ias their right!? Ahhh yeah, what about our right to breathe air without choking or getting lung cancer due to a jerk that doesn't conern themselves with others air! Not to mention leaving a place of smokers to come home to smell like an ash tray. I don't understand it! Don't tell me your addicted either, how in the hell did you start in the get go anyways!

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