Friday, July 28, 2006


We looked at houses all darn day Tuesday and found one, but rent was too steep for us. We have basically decided that we will stay here and Scott will commute, (keep fingers cross that a miracle happens and gas costs go down...) I am not sure if I could emotionally, financially, or physically handle another move within a month of moving anyway! I am hoping after a year maybe we could buy a house, we will see.
Phoenix is up on his knees and lurching back and forth, the crawling is upon us soon! He is really doing the thing of laying on his tummy lifting up and kicking like crazy~! His pals are the pugs, Melly remains by his side most of the day, Moe does some what but if Phoenix touches him he will just scurry off, he is a fraidy cat.
I hope we can visit friends and relatives soon!
I am hoping to sell our mustang and get a very cheap car that will run and run, looks do not matter. OH and a 4 door at that, cannot do a two door with baby boy in tow!

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