Monday, July 24, 2006

chchchch~~~~ changes~~~!!!!

Holy crap....We ahve lived here for 1 month and Scott has a new job 1 hour away again!!! He is now a head coach of basketball and assistant to football. Teaching PE to high school and most likely drivers ed the following year, which is hilarious, sorry my dear, but it is!
Now is the debate of moving again for the 4th time this year. We are looking at houses tomorrow. In decatur, last place I want to be! BUT I am going to be inquiring about a job teaching cosmetology courses. I would like that, I hate not working!
Phoenix and I spent a week and half in Ozarks. We needed it. He got into the lake with us for the first time! I will post pics shortly. I am always laying in bed at night thinking about the amazing times we have had with him. It was so great the time he was born, the sweet first night I had with him, so excited all I could do is hold him and stare! When Scott and I took him to church xmas eve 05, we was only a lilttle over a month old. He kept lifting his head over my shoulder to check out all the people behind us. Of course everyone loved it, we were in front too~! Oh and at Easter when everyone started singing at church he would do a happy howl is the best way to describe it, like he was trying to sing too. HE has goen thru these wordy sound phases, of ouuuuuuu! and our favorite- ya ya ya ya!!!!! now it is the fake cry, like a cry out more like it, that is tapered at the end, eeehhhya! He rolls to get into trouble on the floor. He really adored my mother's rubber plant, oh boy did he want to chew on that! OH remotes and phones are fun as well as momma's favorite sunglasses! We had to buy a few 12 mo clothes already! Even though he is a little guy he is grwoing in length a lot here lately!
Wow, who knows where we will be living tomorrow! ha! I know it is a nice home we have here, but the money in gas we could not do! on top of rent. I feel we have no choise but to move closer to the fat hill (Cerro Gordo) or Decatur. Update on what happens soon. I must say Scott was offred the job only a few monutes after leaving the interview, I am proud of him for doing a well done job!

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