Monday, June 05, 2006

My New Baby Duckie Tub

We have Phoenix in a tub where he can sit up now. It is a inflatable duckie tub! The beak quacks too! He loves it, now he can splash and play with his bath toys freely.
As I was cuddling him, putting himdown for nightie time, I always look out one of the windows and see all the gorgeous full trees. I remember over three mo ago when we moved in, how the trees were all bare and I could see all the way to the pond in back. Then the trees slowly created tiny buds, that slowly opened into green naps, to small baby leaves to these plump endless leaves! Now I can only see the trees that are in front of the rest and the tops of the ones behind. They seem to go on forever! It is a relaxing view. Phoenix often looks out as he has a bottle before naps or bedtime. He has been enjoying sitting out front and watching the water fountain. He smiles at it, laughs a little at it and stares!!! I cannot believe my little boy is already SO BIG! He will be 7 mo. This week! WOW! He has been such an amazing baby. I cannot believe how lucky we are! He is giving kisses and hugs when asked for them. I videotaped him giving Grammie several as we asked him too, he is so lovey! Then when Daddy got home he gave Daddy a kiss when he asked for one. Amazing he already understand us! I hug and kiss him all day long.

I saw a flyer posted at the local grocery store of a baby the same age, a boy too. It had a picture of him in a hospital bed, a Mobil above him, other little toys, bandages all over his chest, he could not move much which was obvious of the bed-crib he was in. It was for a benefit for his medical bills, since he was born he has had three open heart surgeries with more to come. He had such a big amazing happy smile in that picture on the flyer. I started crying right there. NO IT IS NOT A PMS moment or a weaning nursing hormone thing, I just could not imagine my little boy going through that and what those parents must have been through and still going through, and that smile the baby still had even though he was given such a bad hand dealt. It broke my heart, and I quickly got home to hug and kiss Phoenix a ridiculous amount. I never take my little baby for granted, never! He is my life indeed, he has given me life as I did for him. I was so different prior to Phoenix. I was 'wandering' through my life aimlessly until he arrived.

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