Friday, June 30, 2006

Hell on moving!!!!

We have finally completed moving! My mm and dad are moved as well. After my mom and Scott's dad BOTH got into car wrecks on the same day and totalled BOTH cars!!! Both were pretty much OK. My mom has some serious burnsthat are infected and sore, but otherwise well. So lucky for just that, her neck was bad too. We have done some little adjustments to our house, it is so cute! We are now at the lake for the 4th July celebration. Phoenix adores being outside. He got into the baby pool with Cousin Ash. He and Ash really love eachother! They play very well together and eat at the same time too. Ashley always has to sit by Phoenix to eat and they smile at one another. They look like siblings! I will post pics soon when we get back. I have a new digital camera so my pics will be better, more pixels. Scott is turning 26 July 22nd. We are celebrating his b day here with Anne's birthday too, hers was earlier this month. She barely lookjs prego! Lucky gal! I think Phoenix is great training for Ashley's new little bro or sis. Scott's sister Erin came and helped us unpoack and clean. She was super star at it too! Withput her I swear I would have had several more days of cleaning left! More later with pics:)

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