Thursday, May 25, 2006

What a day!

The day started off so well with Phoenix taking a great morning nap and I, able to accomplish household duties. HOWEVER, by 8 am I decided Phoenix really needed to go to the doctor. He and I both have had some major sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and sore throats (at least I knew I had the sore throat). The doctor confirms he has some really stuffed up nasal cavities and sinuses. He also had a red and swollen throat. Which explains why he barely ate a thing yesterday! He gave use to scripts and I headed to a locally owned Pharmacy as I prefer to give them my business. After waiting for awhile they inform me one of the meds is not covered by our insurance. I had not ever had that happen so I took my script to Walgreen's. I simply did not want to mess with arguing about it etc.. Walgreens though said the same thing, but at least they said they would double check and wait for a response and return my money if they would. That was a bit of a hassle getting lil Nixie out of the car twice and into the pharmacies.. OK so that kind of thing happens but the day escalated into a horror movie when a semi driver decided I was going to slow, which I always go speed limit NO higher especially with Phoenix in the back. The guy swerves all over and is inches away from my bumper, I get scared. He starts honking that huge loud horn they have, it scares Phoenix he screams which he does NOT do! I called 911, He again while I am talking to the dispatcher tried to side swipe me, I had my turn signal on to turnoff to try to get away from him and he gets up next to me again, and slams on his horn, the dispatcher heard it loud and clear and heard Phoenix once again scream. I could not turn! The guy would not let me! He was nuts! I got the plate number to the dispatcher and told them where he was heading once I finally just put on my breaks and turned. It scared me so much! I told the dispatcher I had a 6 mo old baby with me that this semi driver HAD to see sitting up high in that cab, he could not have missed him, but he didn't care, and why he was doing this in the first place, geez I want to go the speed limit for the sake of my baby! Then we head him, nervous and shaken, the BOTH of us. Phoenix was well ready for a nap, I give him both meds as directed and lay him in his crib. Now Phoenix is GREAT at going to sleep by himself easily. He did not, he fused and I heard on the monitor him turned and moving. I check in on him and he was completely the other end of bed, and holding out his arms to me. I pick him up and he collapses his head onto my chest and sucks his thumby. I sat in the rocker and tried to rock him, but then he picked his head up and started making this face, awful look, and was dry heaving and then started throwing up just as an adult would, awful noises and all, and it went everywhere, which I did not mind one but about that, but I felt so badly for my little baby! He seemed to feel a little better after throwing up, but not quite right. I cleaned himup and laid him onto my chest again and rubbed his back. He finally feel asleep and napped. I am thinking the decongestant made him sick as he was sick one time before and had same antibiotic. It was a hectic day and I am hoping for a nice day tomorrow! OH, he had a major runny nose, sneezing etc.. All the symptoms before eputting him to bed for the night, I decided to try to give him half of the recc'md dose of the decongestant and full antibiotic. He did not get sick, feel asleep and has been asleep for a couple hours. I will stick with a lesser, at least he can have some to help without the pukey stuff!

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