Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas pic

I was trying to take the smae pic as last year, of Phoenix with the pugs on each side of him. No one however, wanted to cooperate! So this is what the result was:)
We tried also to do a plaster mold dealie of Phoenix's hand, it took five times! Also in between times I decided to use the dogs paw prints as guinea pigs until I figured it all out. The dogs were MUCH easier! BUT we finally got a great print! also one of each doggies paws too!
Scott had no school due to the great weather! The ice is so insane here! Half the town still has no power! I attempted to make a veggie potatoe soup, it was "OK" but not great. Phoenix seemed to like it. He was imitating Daddy in one of these pics grinning huge! Phoenix also watched part of the Polar Express with us, as we all had coco too!--Coco courtesy of Grammie P! thnaks Grammie we all enjoyed it! Marshmellows too!

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