Sunday, May 14, 2006

My first Mother's day!

I woke up to lil Phoenix with a big card in his hand, well it was a normal sized card but it looked sooo big in his tiny lil hand! He had given me a massage! Cannot wait to get that!!! Daddy Scott gave me a card too with a gift certificate to a neat primitive crafty store here, I think though, (they have neat silver jewelry that you can have monogramed) I will get this big bead bracelet, but not sure yet, maybe earrings. Something to remember my first momma day! Daddy also found a neat candle depicting a ocean scene, he thought it would be neat for my new salon since the theme is paradise, ocean etc.. We got my mom some neat kitchen towels and a beach towel. We got Grma B a polo golf shirt and a grma magnetic frame. My mom-Grandma Phoenix got me a great CD, two boxes of candy two really neat first momma's day cards, wow!!!
Great Grandpa Phoenix, Grandpa Phoenix, Grandma Phoenix, Daddy Scott, Baby Phoenix and me- momma, all went to the Elks for the Mother's Day dinner there. It was really good! Phoenix was good, he ate Ham and Apples (baby food of course!) and took a nap. We then all came back home and WHile Daddy spent the afternoon with Phoenix , Momma napped! How nice! I LOVED it! I hav emy scrapbooking goodies all organized to get scrapping this week on Phoenix pics,I have not done any in three mo!!!! I miss it!!!! I am going to get more supplies tomorrow. I am already working on his first birthday invites as I am making them one by one by hand. I want to make them very special, and I am going to make tis party very special too! I am strating these invites early so I do not get behind on them, with making them by hand and all! Pretty soon daddy will be done with School and able to spend some more time with Phoenix. However his summer is so busy with basketball it will seem the same! We are hoping our nice summery wweather comes back! TOO COLD! and dreary! yuk!!!

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